The Mozi by Core Innovate a Tool for Teachers to Slow Headaches

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Any teacher will tell you, from elementary school to college, teaching writing and the writing process is the hardest skill to acquire. Mastering writing requires a Herculean effort on behalf of instructors and most times teachers look at a room of blank faces. I myself working as an administrator in a public school classroom have seen elaborate lesson plans fail miserable trying to teach the five-paragraph essay. To add insult to injury, Common Core Writing Standards are asking students to write more academically, to use evidence with more precision and staying succinct with structure. The perils of being a writing teacher are vast. So, when I heard about The Mozi from Core Innovate Inc. I was very excited.

The Mozi is a web-based essay writing tool that allows a teacher to give essay prompts and a student to respond using digital templates provided by Mozi. A student can receive grades and feedback through the Mozi dashboard and a teacher can uniquely view all their essays and scores in place. The Mozi Writing Wizard helps a student by guiding them through the usually treacherous writing process. It will guide them through the hook, scaffold the introduction paragraph and then direct them through the remainder of the essay. The wizard starts with an outline organizing their thoughts and notes, then helps them flesh out the essay piece by piece. As the student writes, Mozi monitors for grammar and usage, spelling, but also provides feedback and tips that generate as the student writes.

The Mozi can be purchased by a student, teacher, parent or district administrator. The cost is $7 per student for a year subscription.

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