GRADES OF GREEN is an environmental education nonprofit dedicated to providing parents, students and educators with free, fun and hands-on Grades of Green Activities to inspire and empower students to care for the environment. Anyone wanting to implement sustainability programs can register their school online—at no cost—to gain access to step-by-step instructions to 40+ Grades of Green Activities, including downloadable lessons, resources, and artwork, and measure their environmental progress. Even better? Every Grades of Green school receives a one-on-one Grades of Green Advisor to mentor the school as they implement Grades of Green Activities. Join the 300,000+ students and 400+ schools in our green school movement and register at today.


The goal of the SIX-MAN HEAVEN ARTS CONTEST is to engage high school students in documenting their communities while employing tools of powerful storytelling.  Students become historians, sharing their perspectives on the relationship between six-man football and community life.  The competition provides a creative endeavor that reinforces the acts of learning, discovery, process, and completion.  Extracurricular activities of high school students often center on group athletics and internet social networking.  With declining school budgets, fewer arts related projects are available to rural students.  The SIX-MAN HEAVEN ARTS CONTEST hopes to remedy those issues and challenges. Go to to learn more.