Writing Across the Curriculum

Mozi, our writing across the curriculum software, builds teacher capacity to inspire critical thought and build powerful communication skills for students. Mozi simplifies the writing process so students can express their thoughts in all subjects with confidence. Mozi takes teachers through a step-by-step process as they create writing assignments that build mastery in their subject areas. Mozi accelerates the collection and grading of writing assignments for teachers, providing timely and targeted feedback to students. 



Elena r., 12th grade student, los angeles

“Mozi makes writing essays easy. I just follow the steps and it frees me up to think more about what I want to say.”  


trish solomon, science teacher, LAUSD

"After years of struggling with getting my Biology students to write cohesive scientific explanations, Mozi gave me the tools to develop good prompts that enable students to proficiently write using claims, evidence, and reasoning. Now that the Common Core requires me to teach writing, the structure from Mozi will ensure that the way I teach writing is correct and effective.”  



“We are implementing writing across the curriculum and Mozi has not only accelerated student learning, it has increased ALL teachers’ confidence as teachers of writing.”  


Andy Boysen, English Teacher, Half Moon bay high school

“Mozi saves me time creating, assigning, grading and returning essays. No more stacks of essays in the trunk of my car...more time to teach.”